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1923 Ford Model t Roadster

Tin Lizzy Car / January 28, 2018

The Ford Motor Co.
Detroit, MI

In 1923 the Model T Touring Cars and Roadsters were again restyled. Ford used the same bodies as in 1921 and 1922 Ford versions. 1923 Ford Model T's had new windshields with a sloping angle and a new "One Man" top. These features made the open body styles to look new.

Production of the 1923 Ford models started in the fall of 1922 and continued until June 1923 when the 1924 Ford Model T's were introduced.

The prediction for Ford's output for 1923 was 1, 500, 000. However over 2.2 million were produced. Closed car amounted to 30% of Ford's production when other manufacturers reached 50%. By 1924 more closed American Automobiles than open cars were made in the United States.

1923 Ford Model T Fordor Sedan 1923 Ford Model T Fordor Sedan

In November of 1922 a new Ford Model T four door Sedan was introduced. The Ford Motor Co. called it the five passenger Fordor. The Body was made of aluminum over a wood frame. At a cost of $725.00 over 144, 00 Model T Fordors were produced by Ford.

1923 Ford Model T Center Door Sedan

The 1923 Ford Model T Center Door Sedan continued unchanged. The 1923 two door five passenger center door Sedan sold for $595.00 and almost 100, 000 were produced by Ford.

1923 Ford Model T Coupe

Equipped with electric start and demountable rims the 1923 Ford Model T Coupe cost $530.00. 313, 273 Ford Coupes were made in 1923. New features included instrument panels and a sheet metal firewall instead of the wooden firewall used since the early 1900s.

1923 Ford Model T Touring Car

Both the 1923 Ford Model T Touring Cars and Roadsters were equipped with the same four cylinder engine that has been used since 1910. The engine had a displacement of 176.7 cubic inches, 3.98:1 compression ratio with a bore of 3 3/4 inches and stroke of 4 inches. Additional drive train features included a two speed planetary transmission, disc clutch, torque tube drive and straight bevel rear axle.

1923 Ford options included three oil lamps, windshield, headlamps, tops, horn, prest-o-lite tanks, robe rails, tire chains, top boots, foot rest, spare tire carrier, speedometer and bumpers. The 1924 Ford Model T followed the 1923 Fords.

1923 Ford Model T Roadster

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