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1926 Ford Model t Truck

Model T Manual / January 7, 2019

Ford introduced the one ton, heavy duty, TT truck in 1917. It was the most radically different Ford Model T variant ever produced. While its used the same 20 HP engine and transmission, it's chassis was 25 inches longer than the standard Model T, and was beefier, too. TTs had a different rear end, with worm gears and lower ratios, to enable the classic Ford Model T motor to move a ton of freight. Speed was the trade off. The result of lower gear ratios, designed to haul freight, and an approximately higher weight of 900 lbs over the heaviest regular T is that TTs drive significantly slower than regular Ts. If you push them hard they might reach 24 MPH, but they are far happier at around 20 MPH. Many were also fitted with one of the few Ford Motor Company approved after market "conversions, " namely the Ruckstell rear end, which was an "Under-drive, " or granny gear, that reduced ratios even further to provide even lower ratios for tackling steep hills and muddy roads. Another significant difference between the TT and regular Ts were twin rear leaf springs, one per wheel, unlike regular Ts that had one set of cross beam leaf springs at both ends of the vehicle. The TTs rear wheels were also different from the front, with shorter, stouter, wooden spokes and wider, stronger, tires.

Factory image of Ford Model TT truck. Often the vehicles were shipped and sold this way, with buyers having custom made cabs and bodies built subsequent to purchase.

Factory image of Ford Model TT truck. The factory made metal bed was not a popular option, possibly due to its very low sides or that folks were used to buying TTs in the stripped version. An original TT factory box is a very rare find now.

Ford Model TT truck with factory built C cab and bed, with locally built bed roof and what looks like rentention wire, possibly a stray dog cage.

Factory image of Ford Model TT truck set up for adverse weather. These canvas curtains were better than nothing but restricted visibility to an astonishing extent

Ford Model TT truck with locally built cab and bed. Ford only made TTs with closed cabs in the final two years of production, 1926 and 1927.

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