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1928 Model a Roadster Pickup

Tin Lizzy Car / November 25, 2017

28 RPU1928 Roadster Pickup - owned by Richard Farrow New Bern, NC who writes:“
I bought this garage find through a mutual friend with the AACA. It has been in the same family since 1960’s and garaged since 1990. According to the history I am the third owner. The previous owner started the restoration with tires and wheels and numerous new parts. Currently (Dec 30110) the cab and box are off the frame and awaiting paint (Valley Green). I installed new sub rails, cowl panels and doors. Found and joined MAFCA, used the tech support and the Classified section to find the doors. Try my best to keep it as original when possible. With an 400915 engine number, I figure it’s a September of 1928 model and because the frame was rusted out laying around in Elizabeth City, NC a 1930 frame was put under it. At present brakes, steering and prep work are the challenge. First time owner/restorer and enjoying this labor of love.”

1928 AR Roadster Pickup - owned by Richard Fischbach of Shelbyville, Illinois.

"Here is a picture of my roadster pickup. I am 21 years old. My dad and I restored this pickup when I was in high school. It has been completed for 6 years already and I try to drive it as much as I can."

1928 Roadster Pickup - owned by Jason and Tina Carne who writes, "This 1928 roadster pickup is owned by Jason and Tina Carne of Atlanta, GA. I found this Model A in 2002 rusting away in someone's back yard. Here is the finished restoration."

1928 Roadster Pickup who writes, "This photo was taken at the 1855 Indian Camp (Ohio) covered bridge, near Cambridge. It is our 1928 Roadster Pickup. I have owned it for 5 years. My father was the previous owner. I have installed a L-B interior and top. Pressurized the radiator. Rebuilt the transmission. Made the side boards from oak. Installed new shocks and front spring and lots of other improvements. It is a driver. We travel all the back roads in eastern Ohio, gravel and paved. We trailered to Newport, Indiana last October and competed in their annual hill climb. The next project is getting an overdrive unit installed."

1928 Roadster Pickup - owned by Joe Setka of Culver City, CA. The photo was submitted by Steve Newton, who writes, "Joe is Vice President of SCREENLAND A's. The pick-up was built as a father/son project in 1980. At that time it was a closed cab. In 1990, Joe switched cabs. The car now sports a down-draft carb & manifold and a B/W overdrive. This picture was taken at one of Culver City's oldest parks, behind the old M.G.M. Movie Studios. The park in the early 1900s, was the sight of the old banked wooden board race track where famous racers like Barney Oldfield raced. "

This is a very early car, built in November 1927.
The serial number is 566.

1928 Sport Coupe

1928 Sport Coupe "We just finished the car after two years of work, so it's only been to Dairy Queen a couple times. We live on a gravel road, and the little car just seems to be born for them. I was really surprised how well it rides! I'm the second owner as my Great Uncle bought it new. All those years of wishing as it sat in his barn have finally come true. I love it!"

1928 Special Coupe

pictureTudor Sedans

back in 1964. He has driven it 65, 000 mles since the ground-up restoration. Rich also has a 1928 Phaeton and 1928 AR Roadster Pickup. The black and white photo at right was taken in 1970 when Rich and wife were at a car show at Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. Rich was wearing his Palm Beach suit for the drive there.

1928 Tudor Sedan owned by Fred & Lorene Harrison, who writes:

My car has a very colorful history. Once the transportation of Miss University of Arizona 1973. I purchased the car January 15, 3011. Two months later, I decided to repair an oil leak. That led to an off frame restoration. All the work was done in home hobby shops except for the new safety glass in the windows and the paint. we are very pleased it took third place at the Sierra Vista, "Cars in the Park, " Show in the Antique Car and Truck Class. The following week It took third in the Tucson Classic Car Show in the modified stock class 1928 to 1948. I built it to be a driver and had one too many upgrades to show in the stock class.

1928 Tudor Sedan owned by John Dyke, Peoria Arizona

"This is Henryetta, my early 1928 Tudor Sedan. She was purchased by me in July 1973 in Menominee, Michigan. Some restoration was completed before I served a year tour with the US Army in Thailand, Feb 1975 to Feb 1976. After retirement from the Army in February 1976, I completed restoration in the fall of 1977. The car, which was probably built around April 1928, has many of the Early 1928 Model A "AR" features, such as "red" steering wheel with 7-tooth sector steering gear, parking brake lever on the left side (which applies brakes to all 4 wheels), "AR" wheels (with carryover Model T style lug nuts), even length louvers on the hood, and early 1928 style front fenders and running board splash aprons. It is painted in five colors: Niagara Blue (light), main body color; Niagara Blue (dark), upper body color; Duchess Blue belt molding; French Gray stripe, and Black fenders, wheels, etc.

a pictureAfter being driven a little over 22, 000 miles, the car was sold in 1985. I bought it back in March 2008, from the owner who had driven it only a few hundred miles in nearly 23 years. It was almost as if she had been in a "time capsule" all that time.

"This was one of three car bodies along with the rest of the parts to make them complete that I purchased in 1964 from a widow whose husband had taken them all apart to restore them. My dad gave me a 29 Sports Coupe and helped me make it road worthy so that when I turned 16, I would have a car to drive. So when I got the yard full of junk with three bodies, I told him to pick one and get all the parts to make it complete, paying him back for my coupe. He choose the 28 Tudor and he started a complete restoration. Before he completed the restoration, cancer got the best of him and took him.

I was in the military and didn't a permanent address, so my brother inherited the car. Thirty years ago, he finished the restoration and drove the car and took care of it until this past November when I purchased the car from him.

My wife Terri and I love to go for drives in the Tudor and do as often as we can. We have named her "Tooter". We are currently members of the Cow Town A's in Ft. Worth Texas and the Wise County Antique Auto Club in Decatur Texas.

1928 Tudor Sedan owned by Richard and Jeanne Parrish of Anaheim California, sent in by Glenn Johnson, who writes:
"Last year my friend Richard Parrish and I spent a few weeks re restoring and detailing parts of his 28 Tudor before our trip to the Pikes Peak regional meet. When we finished, it looked so good, we stopped to take a few pictures of it in front of my 1929 mission revival style house.

Richard and his wife Jeanne are long time members of MAFCA and the Orange County Chapter. Back in the late 60s Richard and Jeanne appeared on the cover of The Restorer as Bonnie and Clyde.

1928 Tudor Sedan Attached is a photo of my 1928 Tudor Sedan. She was probably built in April or May at the Louisville Kentucky assembly plant. My dad bought this car in 1967 as a father-son project when I was 16 years old, and I acquired the car from him in 1985. I completed her second restoration about 5 years ago. She is dressed in Niagara Blue Dark/Light.

Fordor Sedans

I bought my car in 1961 when I only had a learner's permit. I answered an ad in the L.A. Times for a Model A pickup truck in Azusa CA. and when I saw the truck, it was too rough and this sedan was in the back yard. I bought it for $110. It took me 3 months of paper route money to get it running, and I drove it to High School for two years. I lived in downtown Los Angeles in the same neighborhood with former MAFCA president John Firth and his brother Ed Firth who started the Screenland A's of Culver City CA. I belong to the Screenland club along with the Simi Valley A's. My car is a good reliable driver that I try to drive as much as I can. It's been a lifetime project that I enjoy. I have started another project, a Cabriolet March of '31 68B - a real challenge."

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