32-34 Roadster body

1934 Ford Roadster Body

T Roadster / March 15, 2017

Can your Roadster body or your Roadster PU body be mounted on a stock frame?


Yes they can. Our assembly fixtures are based on an original stock frame so the body mounting holes are pre located at stock locations.

Can your Roadster bodies be built with stock items like a firewall, floor pan, and/or dash?

Since our bodies are all assembled per each individual order we can assemble them with a stock firewall, a stock dash, or a stock floor pan. BUT, the customer has to furnish those items to us for installation. We do not keep an inventory of stock parts. If the parts need repair before installation we can repair them on a “Time & Materials” basis.

Is your firewall like a stock firewall?

No, it is our own design and has a 5″ recess for newer engine applications. It was designed to have some characteristics like a stock firewall so that it looks natural in our bodies or original bodies.

Do you make a stock floor pan?

No we do not. Our floor pan is designed for the hot rod market and is flat. It is not exactly configured like a stock floor pan. We offer our entire floor pan as an assembly to people who are building a hot rod or street rod and have a rusty or damaged original floor in their car. Our floor pans are designed to fit into original body shells.

Can I get stock style hinges on your Roadster body?

Yes, we can build the bodies with either stock style hinges or hidden hinges.

Is the gauge of the sheet metal the same as original cars?

The gauge on the external sheet metal is 19 gauge, as original. The inner structure is 16 gauge. Orignal cars did not necessarily have 16 gauge structure in all areas as we do.

What is the difference between a 1933 and a 1934 Ford?

There are several differences. Some are very minor but the major ones are the grilles, the hood, the window garnish moldings, and the dashes are different.

Do you offer a convertible top for your 33/34 Roadster bodies and can I get side curtains with it?

Yes we do offer a convertible top for the Roadster body. There are a couple of companies making tops but there is only one company that offers side curtains as an option for their top. We are dealers for both companies and can get you either one. Inquire.

Do your Roadsters have roll up windows in the doors?

No, a true Roadster has no windows in the doors. Some people call convertibles with roll up windows in the doors a Roadster but that is not technically correct. A Cabriolet has roll up windows in the doors. A 4 door convertible without windows in the doors is called a Phaeton. A 4 door convertible that has the windows in the doors is called a Convertible Sedan.

Do your 1933/34 Roadster doors fit original bodies?

No. Our doors use late-model safety bear jaw latches and offer the option of hidden hinges. The inner door jambs were modified from the original design to incorporate these updates.

Are your 1933/34 Roadster interior steel bracing pieces available separately?

No. The original bodies used wood for interior bracing. Our hand formed bracing pieces will not interchange with the wood.

Source: www.realsteel.com
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