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Tin Lizzy Car / August 26, 2017

Canada's First Choice for Classic & Antique Tires and Rims, Wheels, and More!

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Classic Cars

It takes a lot of hard work to complete that restoration project, so why finish it with any old tires? Do it right and get authentic rubber to complete your vintage automobile. * Please don't forget to give us some information like make and model of car, and where you are located for shipping prices.

Additionally, we also carry tubes, flaps, and more.

Classic Tire News Bulletin

Now Available

  • Radial tires are now available in original bias ply sizes, and look like the original tires too! If you have always wanted radial tires but didn't want the wide radial tire, these are for you. 6.70R15's are in stock, with more sizes to become available throughout the summer.
  • Redline and Goldline Radials (Corvette, Camaro, Thunderbird, Mustang, Jaguar, etc.)
  • That 70's tire - Narrow Whitewall Radials (1.3") for your 70's classic. Sizes - P205/75R14, P205/75R15 and P215/75R15
  • 16" Coker Classic Whitewall Radials: sizes 600R16, 650R16, 700R16 & 750R16
  • Firestone 600-16 Military NDT

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