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Ford Model t Coupe

Model T Manual / August 26, 2020

1922 Ford Touring Car Advertisement

The Ford Motor Co.
Detroit, MI

The model year ran from August 1921 to September 1922. Body types included Touring Cars, Roadsters or Runabouts, Sedans, Coupes, Chassis and Truck chassis.

All new body features on Touring Cars were introduced on 1921 models. Rear sections was made with three pieces, seats were lower, improvements on the top irons and instrument panels were supplied on all cars. Other changes included solid roof panels on Centerdoor Sedans and door window lift improvement on the Coupes. In addition, the previously exposed window and door sills were now covered with metal on the Coupes and Sedans.

1922 Ford Model T Touring Car Advertisement

Almost 600, 000 1922 Ford Model T three door two passenger Touring Cars were produced. The price of a Model T was going down during the model year, $335.00 effective September 2, 1921, 8.00 effective January 16, 1922 and 8.00 effective October 17, 1922.

1922 Ford Model T Runabout

1922 Ford Model T RunaboutThe price of a 1922 Ford Model T two door two passenger Runabout was also going down during the model year, 5.00 effective September 2, 1921, 9.00 effective January 16, 1922 and 9.00 effective October 17, 1922. Ford produced over 160, 000 Model T Runabouts in 1922. Starter was an option on the both open cars at and demountable rims were an additional .

1922 Ford Model T Coupe

The wheelbase on the 1922 Ford two door two passenger Coupe and two door five passenger Sedan was fixed at 100 inches. All Model T's built in 1922 were equipped with the same old reliable four cylinder water cooled engine rated at 22.5 horsepower. Transmission was a planetary type with two speeds forward and reverse. Final drive was by torque tube and straight bevel rear axle with a ratio of 3.63:1. Sedan were priced at $660.00, $645.00 and $595.00 through out the model year. 146, 060 sedans were produced. 198, 382 Coupe were produced and the low price of the year was $530.00. The 1923 Ford Model T followed the 1922 Fords.

1922 Ford Model T Sedan

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