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Model T Manual / November 12, 2019

Since February, we have been previewing the new eBay Motors, which includes research tools, pricing information, an easier way to find local vehicles, and a whole new way to search.

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions we've received about the new eBay Motors. We will continue to update this based on your feedback and when additional changes are made to the site.
Why can't I switch back to the old version of eBay Motors?
The option to return to the old version of eBay Motors was removed after the site was retired in 2009.

What new features does eBay Motors have?
In addition to improved search functionality, eBay Motors offers new research and pricing tools as well as buyer services to help you find a vehicle, learn about it, and purchase it. Click the Price Research tab to get pricing information based on recent eBay Motors sales as well as third-party used car pricing. Learn more about a vehicle with specs, photos, ratings, reviews, and side-by-side vehicle comparison.

The new eBay Motors also offers services to help make buying a vehicle even easier. Check out the tabs on car and truck listing pages to access vehicle history reports, financing and shipping options. Use the Buyer Checklist, available on all vehicle listing pages, to help guide you step-by-step through the buying process.

How can I search for vehicles and other items like I used to on the old eBay Motors site?
Combining search operators with your keywords will allow you to refine your search and get more precise results, giving you a search experience that's very similar to the one that was available on the old eBay Motors. Search operators are symbols, such as parenthesis and minus signs, that help you include, exclude, group and sort the terms you enter as keywords.

Here's how search operators work:

  • Find a specific vehicle model's parts for multiple years by entering the model name as your keyword followed by all applicable years in parenthesis. For example, to search for Mustang parts between 1965-69, you would enter "mustang (19, 66, 19, 68, 1969, 69)" in the search box.
  • Exclude a keyword from search results by entering a "-" symbol in front of the term you want to filter out. For example, to search for all Honda Accord rims that are not chrome, you would enter "honda accord rim -chrome" in the search box.

For more information and a complete list of eBay's search operators, please visit our search operators overview.
Where are the category links and theme pages?
The home page of the original eBay Motors includes a list of the top categories for each section of the site, and a list of popular theme pages. To make these handy links more accessible, they have been moved to the header, where you can now use them from anywhere on eBay Motors. Just hover over the section you're interested in, and the list of top categories and theme pages will appear.

How do I search for a specific vehicle, part, or accessory?
If your search is relatively simple (such as a certain make, model, and year of a vehicle or a specific part), you can just enter the appropriate keywords in the search field on the home page. For example, if you're looking for a 2006 Honda Civic, use that as your search and click on "Cars & Trucks" to see the matching vehicles.

If your search is more specific (such as condition, mileage, color, and more), click the search option links on the left to refine your search. For example, if you're looking for a 2006 Honda Civic with less than 50, 000 miles, click the "Less than 50, 000 miles" link under "Mileage".

How can I change my search options?
When searching for vehicles or parts and accessories, click the links that appear to the left of the search results in the "Refine search" to help clarify your search. The options you have chosen will then appear at the top of the page and your search results will be updated to reflect the change.

Click the "Choose more..." link if you want to add several search options at once. The "Choose more" menu will appear and you can select multiple search options at once. Be careful not to be too specific, or you could end up without any matching search results.

To remove search options, click the option where it appears in the "Refine search" box and your search results will be updated to reflect the change.

How can I find out what vehicles have sold for on eBay Motors?

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