Ford Model t Runabout

Model T Manual / November 14, 2020

This is a Ford T Runabout, built October 31, 1913, at the Highland Park, Michigan plant. The car has serial number 364814. 1913 was the first year for Henry’s mass production line, and the year he changed America.

This little car is a completely correct exam ple of Ford’s early 1914 model year 2-seater runabout built in the fall of 1913. The engine block has a casting date of 10-15-13, and it was built on Halloween, 1913. Back in the fall of 1913, this car could have been yours for under $500 US. It is one of 183, 572 Model T Fords produced in 1913, one of 35, 017 runabouts made in the same year, one of 7, 334 cars produced in October of 1913 and one of 710 cars produced on that day.

1913 was the first year for the ‘black and brass’ cars, so called because the windshield, acetylene generator, side lights and horn were painted black with small brass accents. Previous model years used all brass for these components. Everything works on this car, including the acetylene headlights.

Source: modelt.ca
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