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Ford Model t Wrench

Model T Manual / September 25, 2019

T-1917 Model T Ford Wrench
Donated by Robert and Marion Roglin

This open-end wrench came with Robert Roglin's first car, a Model T Ford. "1917" is the model number of the wrench.

Kansas native Robert Lee Roglin (1895-1987) moved to the Son's Chapel area east of Fayetteville (Washington County) in 1929. He and his first wife, Kathryn, and his second wife, Marion, raised peaches, grapes, strawberries, plums, sheep, hogs, and chickens.

Many early Ford automobiles came with tool kits. Most of the tools in Model A kits did not have part numbers on them while Model T tools generally did. According to the Model T Ford Club of America's online encyclopedia, between 1909 and 1913 Fords came supplied with a T-1349 hub cap wrench, T-1387 adjustable wrench, T-1902 screwdriver, T-1903 pliers, T-1904 spark plug wrench, T-1917 wrench, T-2336 tool roll, T-2337 oil can, T-2338 tire pump, and a T-2340 tire iron. The T-1917 wrench continued to be supplied with cars through 1927.

Above is a circa 1920 photo from our collection showing a Model T of the same era as the T-1917 wrench. The car belonged to the Linebarger family of Springdale. In the back seat, barely visible, is Richard Linebarger. In the front seat with legs hanging out the door is Elmer Linebarger. Seated on the running board are twins Faye and Frances Linebarger. Frances Reeves Collection (S-90-21N45:6)

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Source: www.shilohmuseum.org
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