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About Henry Ford / January 31, 2019

The Henry Ford Early College is a unique five year early college program that began in fall of 2007. Students will have the opportunity to attain both a high school diploma and a two-year Associate Degree in five years with little or no cost to the student or parent.

The Henry Ford Early College program is specifically for students interested in entering the health care profession.

HFEC allows students to become acquainted in several health care careers by attending Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

9th & 10th graders have rotations in various areas and gain experience by providing services to patients, families, visitors and staff. They have exposure to individual participation and responsibilities in the real world of health care services and actively participate in a series of educational seminars regarding the total hospital community. Students also participate in clinical intensives (job shadowing) in 10th grade.

The HFEC program is a separate school from grades 9-12. It doesn’t allow as much flexibility to take part in traditional high school experiences as students attending their home high school. The HFEC program is housed completely at the Henry Ford College Main Campus on Evergreen Rd, and Henry Ford Hospital.

2. What type of student is a good candidate for the Henry Ford Early College?

  • A student who is bright but underperforming in the traditional high school setting; or
  • A student who has historically been underserved in higher education including minorities, low-socioeconomic, first generation college students, and others who may lack access and support to begin college; or
  • A student who may have good grades but due to individual life circumstances could benefit from starting college early; or
  • A mature student who is ready to transition to an adult-oriented college environment.

3. Who should attend Henry Ford Early College?

Henry Ford Early College has three primary populations. Our overall purpose is to serve students that are bright with great potential, but they are currently underperforming in the traditional high school setting. Secondly, we seek to support underserved students that have historically limited access to higher education and without additional support may never transition to college. Finally, HFEC is for students that are on track to graduate, but they have a life circumstance that limits their ability to thrive in the traditional high school and an earlier transition to college would be beneficial.

. What degrees are offered through Henry Ford Early College?

Most of the Early College programs that are offered require Registry / Certification / Licensure Exam at the end of the program.

Associates in Applied Science in Biotechnology – Medical Asst/Clinical Mgmt – Nursing – Ophthalmic Technician – Paramedic – Pharmacy Technician – Physical Therapy Asst – Respiratory Therapist – Surgical Tech

Associates in Business in Medical Asst/Business Mgmt

5. When my child completes the program, will course work transfer to a four-year university?

College credit earned at HFC is transferable to most bachelor’s degree programs. In fact, the counselors assigned to the five year program will assist students with this process.

6. Does Dearborn Public Schools really cover the cost of college books, tuition, and fees?

The district covers the cost of all college classes in the program, any fees associated with the class or enrollment, and all books required to attend the class. There are no costs to parents or students to take part in this program.

7. Does my child have to attend a certain high school?

Yes, students enrolled in Henry Ford Early College will take high school courses at 5101 Evergreen, Dearborn MI 48128.

8. Is there a cap on the number of qualified students who can participate in this program?

Yes, Henry Ford Health System has a cap of 50 9th graders and HFCC does reserve the right to limit the number of students per HFCC program.

9. Who is eligible to apply to the Henry Ford Early College program?

Students who reside in Wayne County

10. When does a student apply to the program?

Students submit an application between January 1st and March 1st while in 8th grade to enter 9th grade in the fall of that year.

11. I heard about his program while in 9th grade, do you accept transfer students or apply for 10th Grade?

We do not accept transfer students. And while we refrain from taking 10th graders, it has been known to happen. Please remember – HFEC can only accept 50 students per year. If our 10th grade student count drops, we will consider accepting 10th graders.

12. Is this an accelerated program?

This is an accelerated program and the district is very aware of that. The program isn’t for everybody.

13. What factors have proven to dramatically limit the success a student can have in the program?

1. Poor attendance
2. Lack of effort
3. Lack of studying/completing homework
4. Refusal to accept help
5. Limited awareness of the problem
6. Unwillingness to change
7. Immaturity or Poor Behavior
8. No transportation

14. What if the student’s grades fall below what is expected?

15. Can a student who graduates from this program qualify for scholarship money to transfer to a four year college?

Yes. The HFEC counselor is available to assist students with scholarship programs. You may also check the Early College website for current scholarship information.

16. What if a student has a family emergency and has to miss a semester. Can they come back?


17. What about transportation?

Dearborn Public Schools provides transportation to Dearborn residents to and from the high school by riding the Henry Ford Early College buses that students take from their home high schools.

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