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Model a and Model t

Model T Manual / July 4, 2021

404 Graham Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 389-1553

Old school butcher. Great prices. Nice guys. Eggs $1.10 a dozen; reasonably priced quality cuts of beef pork and chicken. Go early in the morning for boneless skinless chicken breast because they sell out.

Can't believe how affordable this spot is. I got a 2.5 fresh pork shoulder for under $6. Asked for a bag of bones to make broth, which the butcher promptly cut for me, and refused to take money for. Also, they sell eggs by the dozen for $1.15. Cheapest you'll find them anywhere in the neighborhood. I completely disagree with the reviews re: rotting meat smells; I couldn't smell anything at all, and the meat all looked extremely fresh. Hope these guys stay in business indefinitely. Not going anywhere else to buy my meat!

Smells like rotting meat. The place is gross. No gloves...and butcher goes from chicken to beef or colt cuts or whatever without washing hands. Pretty disgusting. I'll pay a little more elsewhere where I'm not gagging.

My butcher ... good price, fresh meat ... they sell out of most of the meat by the end of the day. Interesting conversation with the brothers while waiting on the sawdust covered floor with white enameled steer paneling on the walls. They also have fresh sourced seafood and 83% fat butter that bakers use.

He cut me 2 pounds of bacon from the slab and it was only $9. The average price of bacon per pound in the U.S. is $6.11. This is the cheapest bacon ever. It was also the most delicious bacon i've ever had. I'm going there in 30 minutes when they open to get more bacon. Bacon.

Model T is a great local butcher shop. Super helpful, affordable and fresh. Would definitely recommend!

This place is incredible, authentic, and affordable. The guys who work here are awesome. Love it!

I shave almost 50% off my grocery bill going to a butcher. I used to live closer by off the L but moved farther into Bushwick off the J. No matter, I still make the trip here to get my meat. Lou never disappoints. It's cash only so you'll need to hit up the ATM beforehand.

Love the old-school butcher. Super fresh cuts of meat. Every day they have fresh meat come in. They do a lot of Wholesale to restaurants. Very nice guys. Only place I would go

Went in late on Saturday and Lou was surprised to know that i still had not bought my groceries for the weekend on a Saturday evening. I asked him for four steaks as i am having friends coming in from out of town, and Lou cut me four AMAZING steaks, cleaned them, explained to me how to prepare them "Just fu**ing grill them, and you're ok"... I got a cut of rib eye, aged a couple of weeks i think, 4 lbs, and i was shocked to see the final price was $24. It brought me back to home, Italy: an informal place, non pretentious, where the butcher uses his hands (no gloves), talks all the time, makes funny (or stupid) jokes, but knows his meat, can cut a piece with his eyes closed, and won't overcharge you for your steaks. The place is small but totally worth a visit. It will become your place to go get steaks, or wild chickens, or eggs.

You people are nuts. It smells in there, no a/c, no fans, they don't use gloves when handling meat. I think everyone associates it with the old world. Antique cash register, a bench for the old timers to sit & talk, and sawdust on the floors. Know what else they had in the old days? More germs, filth & disease! No thank you. I dry heaved & left today; last time I suffered through. I'll be over at Graham Avenue Meats, or head over to that butcher from Naples on Metropolitan where it smells better.

These guys take pride in a lost craft, when you arrive make sure you have the to spare and have a seat. They take their time with each customer to make sure you have the proper cut and everything you need. Meat is always great and at a very fare price.

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