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Parts / June 4, 2017

Oftentimes, when we see yet-to-be-publicly introduced cars, we are under an “embargo, ” which means that we are to keep what we know of the way the car looks, is engineered, built, and rides to ourselves until a specific date. (In case you’re wondering, that’s how the buff books all seem to have the same car on the cover at the same time.)

One request of an embargo-like nature that we’d never had before came from an individual at Ford who is involved in publicizing the various activities associated with the 2003 centennial of the vehicle manufacturer: “Don’t tell anyone where this was done.”

At the risk of getting into some sort of space/time conundrum, let me observe that I was witness to the manufacture of brand-new cars at this undisclosable location, cars the likes of which I had only seen in museums and in books, the kind of cars that you think are really cool when you are a kid—or are among the hundreds of thousands of people who keep their enthusiasm alive when they’re old enough to afford such things.

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