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Model T Manual / June 15, 2020

The auto industry makes up a large portion of transportation in the world; however, there are some things about cars you might not have known. According to The Car Connection, there are many interesting facts about the automotive industry that aren’t known to the general public, despite the fact that most people commute at least once a day. Read on to see some more interesting car facts:

Model T Fords used to rule the world. While there is an array of cars to choose from today, during the early 20th century over 50% of cars were Model T Fords due to their low cost, which was about $600. Now, one of the cheapest cars in the world is the Indian TATA Nano, which costs roughly $2, 000 new.

The first car built was used to haul artillery. The first car was designed by mathematician Ferdinand Verbiest in 1672, though there is no evidence he actually built it. However, in 1769 a self-powered vehicle was built to haul artillery. It weighed over 4 tons and was one of the most expensive vehicles in the world. Now, the Bugatti Veyron is the world’s most expensive car, selling for over $2, 500, 000.

Ohioans have always driven too fast. The first speeding ticket in the US was issued in 1904 in Dayton, Ohio. The driver was going a whopping 12 miles per hour. Believe it or not, speed limits were developed as early as 1865 in the United Kingdom to limit the speed of horseless vehicles, like locomotives, in urban areas.

Mitsubishi created the famous Zero airplanes in WWII. In fact, the Mitsubishi Motors is one of the smallest companies in the Mitsubishi Group, which includes businesses like Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Mitsubishi Logistics, Mitsubishi Electric, and more. This is one of the largest conglomerates in Japan, as well as the world.

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