1921 Ford Model T Fuel Truck

Model t Description

Model T Manual / June 18, 2021

  • Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company
  • Production era for the Model T: 1908 – 1927. First introduced in 1908, the economical Model T was an
    immediate success.
  • Over 6 million model T’s were produced.
  • Built tough and simple to facilitate owner do-it-yourself repair
  • Henry Ford increased his employees’ pay to
    $5 a day so that they could afford to buy one. To increase output,
    he put his workers on three equal shifts a day, which became the
    standard eight-hour American workday.
  • Cost fell from $850 to $295 as volume increased. Of course, there were always “accessories” available for purchase (i.e. bumpers, spare tire, electric start)
  • Henry dictated the
    design of his suppliers’ shipping crates, using the wood from the
    crates to build the car bodies. Leftover scraps were turned into
    charcoal and sold under the “Ford” brand, which later was
    renamed “Kingsford.”
  • The Model T Truck was a hard-working vehicle that carried
    farmers’ goods to market, and transported rail passengers from
    the train station to their lodging for the night. Model Ts serving
    this function came to be known as “station wagons, ” a name that
    stuck for vehicles with a high passenger and cargo capacity.

The museum exhibit was found in North Carolina operating as a sawmill. At the time it was basically a frame and engine. The body was recreated from original plans. It is on loan from James Breakell.

Source: www.vmt.org
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