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Model t Engine Parts

Parts / March 9, 2018

Imagine yourself in one of the first horseless wagons to navigate traffic or roll down the open road while driving a Model-T Ford. You never imagined getting from one place to another so fast, but that is just what this vehicle allows. Now imagine yourself in 21st century America with a vintage version to restore and treasure. This rare automobile will need a host of parts and accessories to make it road-worthy once again. Illuminate the road at night with Model-T Ford lights that you installed yourself restoring this old classic beauty. Be the envy of friends and neighbors as you park your restored classic Ford in your driveway or take it for a spin around the block. Spruce up its body with a Model T-Ford fender that helps bring back some of its original beauty. Remember, you can only drive this relatively light 1, 200-pound vehicle at 2 speeds. Trusted sellers on eBay offer just what you need to restore one of the first cars ever mass-produced in the United States. When you purchase Model-T Ford items on eBay, you cannot go wrong.

Source: www.ebay.com
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