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Model T Manual / June 30, 2017

A huge stack of SUNN amplifiers was a common sight at major concerts and festivals of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s...even Woodstock! While the new Model T looks very much like an old SUNN from that era, it is actually an all-new tube amplifier with some unique modern features.

Here’s a list of things to notice about the SUNN Model T.

  • Discriminating players will dig its "transparent" tube purity. When you plug in a Tele, it sounds like a Tele; a Strat sounds like a Strat, a Guild sounds like a Guild. Inexperienced players may need to be shown how cool this is! It is not like using a $80 distortion pedal, which makes every guitar sound like...a $80 distortion pedal.
  • The Model T is simple to operate, like all Fender amps. There are no confusing push-pull pots, graphic EQ’s, or other gadgets to get in the way. Many of those "features" make it easier to set an amp the wrong way, plus they dilute the aforementioned tube purity. A simple signal path allows more pick dynamics, and more effective changes from the volume knob on the guitar.Almost like channel switching from the guitar!
  • The effects loop can be set for separate levels for each channel so you don’t overload your FX device with either channel. You can set it up to have equal levels whether the loop is on or off, and the loop can be completely bypassed with the included footswitch or with the pushbutton on the back of the amp. Almost any effect unit will work with the Model T.
  • The ARENA/CLUB switch allows 100 or 25 Watt output. This lets the amp be used in a variety of situations, large or small.
  • The TROUBLE LED’s and BIAS POTS let the user diagnose failed output tubes, install new tubes, and set the optimum bias without the aid of a technician. This saves the customer time and money.
  • Don’t forget, the SUNN MODEL T 412 enclosure is optimized for use with the Model T head. It is not just an old SUNN or Fender cab with new cosmetics, but a new design by our engineers, and a toneful addition to the line. The big closed-back 13-ply birch "straight" cab provides the thump, and the Celestion G12T-75 speakers make it sizzle.

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