Model T Bendix drive assembly for starter, 5018

Model t Starter

Model T Manual / February 25, 2016

You want to get hacking with your Pi fast, right? Get everything you need to start with the Adafruit Starter Pack for Raspberry Pi. It's the perfect accompaniment to your new Pi, everything you need to get a distro image loaded and running. We even pre-assemble the Cobbler for you, no soldering required.

THIS PACK DOES NOT INCLUDE A RASPBERRY PI 1 MODEL B. To purchase a Starter Pack with an included Raspberry Pi Model B Revision 1.0, code 2, please click here. This pack is not compatible with the Model B+ or Raspberry Pi 2!

This pack contains:

  • - Keeps your Pi snug and safe, and is compatible with the GPIO cable and cobbler! Durable and chic, snaps together in seconds.
  • - Use this to power the Pi from a computer or the 5V 1A adapter
  • - this ain't no regular USB power plug! We had these custom made specifically for use with embedded Linux machines like the Pi. It provides clean 1A minimum with 5.25V to overcome the 0.25V drop of the USB cable
  • - The easiest method by far to talk to the Pi - simply connect the black, green and white wires to the GPIO header and connect using a terminal program! Works great for 'headless' Pi hacking
  • - 4GB microSDHC card programmed with the latest Raspberry Pi Linux distribution.
  • - We now have this part pre-assembled so you don't have to solder it! Makes connecting to the GPIO/I2C/SPI/Power pins easy as pie, for Model B Revision 1.0
  • - This breadboard has plenty of space for a Cobbler and your circuits, with an adhesive back you can attach it. We now ship white breadboards, not clear ones
  • 5x 10K 5% 1/4W Resistor
  • 5x 560 ohm 5% 1/4W Resistor
  • 1x Diffused 10mm Blue LED
  • 1x Electrolytic Capacitor - 1.0uF
  • 1x Diffused 10mm Red LED
  • 1x Diffused 10mm Green LED
  • 3x 12mm Tactile Switches

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