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Model T Manual / May 22, 2020

Brian Mackey, owner of Mackey’s Hot Rods ( in Huntington Beach, California, found time between building customer cars to put together his own minimalist Model T using a less-than-desirable touring body. Here’s the timeline of the car’s yearlong construction.

The initial price of the original 1908 Model T was $825. That would be the equivalent of $21, 250 in 2012, which is not quite enough to buy a ’13 Mustang V6, but it will put you in a ’13 Ford Focus.

As production speed increased, Ford was able to lower the price of the Model T to around $260.

Ford built about 15 million Model Ts from 1908 to 1927, and the Touring body was the most popular, with 6, 856, 772 produced.

The Model T came in multiple body styles that all used a single chassis.

If you were to park every Model T produced, end-to-end, they could:

1] Wrap around the equator (with 6, 000 miles to spare)

2] Travel from Route 66’s beginning in Santa Monica, CA, to Chicago, IL, and back six times.

3] Make the ’12 Power Tour® route 20 times.

Here’s what a ’26/’27 Model T Touring looked like when it was new. The piece Mackey widened to wrap around the back of the cab was a divider in the passenger compartment between the front and rear seats.

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