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Tin Lizzy Car

Tin Lizzy Car / March 20, 2019

Performance model

1923 Ford Model T


Old, forgetful, talkative, grandmotherly, ditzy, loving, kind.


"You keep talking to yourself, people will think you're crazy!"

Lizzie is a supporting character in the 2006 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, and its 2011 sequel.


"When Lizzie first rolled into Radiator Springs in 1927, it was love at first sight - love for the town and love for Stanley, the town founder. But she kept Stanley on the soft shoulder for months. Until one day, she realized that Stanley's vision for a new oasis in the desert had enraptured her, too. From that day on, the two became the inseparable heart and soul of the town." Lizzie and Stanley eventually got married and remained together until Stanley died.

Lizzie owns the Radiator Springs Curios shop. As Lightning McQueen helps bring Radiator Springs back to life, Lizzie is seen talking to the statue of her husband, saying, "Oh, Stanley, I wish you could see this.", implying that she still misses him.

Lizzie is a minor character in the sequel. She greets Lightning McQueen when he comes back to Radiator Springs, but didn't even know that he was gone all this time. Strangely, she doesn't see him off at the airport. At the end while Mater is telling a story she talks with Mack.


  • Lizzie appears in giving stickers to Lightning after completing certain tasks.
  • Lizzie is a 1923 Ford Model T 2-door sedan.
  • Her name comes from the fact that the Ford Model T's nickname was the "Tin Lizzie."
  • Lizzie is one of the oldest cars in the movie.
  • Lizzie was married to Stanley as seen from Mater's Tall Tales: Time Travel Mater.
  • She's the widow of Stanley who worked as a radiator cap salesman and the town's patriarch.

Source: disney.wikia.com
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