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Henry Ford and Ford Motor Company

About Henry Ford / October 1, 2016

Ford Motor Company organized, with John S. Gray as President and Henry Ford as Vice President. Stockholders are: Henry Ford, Alexander Malcomson, John W. Anderson, C.H. Bennett, James Couzens, Horace E. Dodge, John F. Dodge, Vernon C. Fry, John S. Gray, Horace H. Rackham, Albert Strelow and Charles J. Woodall.

Company sells its first car, a two-cylinder Model A, assembled at Mack Avenue Plant in Detroit.

Production begins at Piquette Avenue Plant in Detroit.

First Model T made available to the public. Continues until 1927.

First overseas plant established in Trafford Park, Manchester, England.

First experiments with assembly line begin at Highland Park Plant. Early trials with assembly of components like magnetos and transmissions are followed by development of chassis assembly line in August 1913.

daily wage for 8-hour day replaces .34 for 9-hour day for male factory workers. Adopted for women workers in Oct 1916.

Construction begins on Rouge Plant in Dearborn, Michigan.

Fordson tractor production begins. Only produced in North America until Feb 1928, but continues in Ireland.

Edsel Ford succeeds his father, Henry Ford, as President. The Fords become sole owners of the company by purchasing stock of the other shareholders.

Ford Motor Company purchases Lincoln Motor Company for $8 million. Edsel Ford named President of Lincoln.

Five-day, 40-hour work week adopted for factory workers. Adopted for office workers on August 1, 1926.

Model T production ceases.

First Ford V8 en-block engine-equipped car built.

"Battle of the Overpass" between UAW organizers and Ford representatives.

First jeep produced at Rouge Plant.

Jun 20, 21, 1941

Ford Motor Company signs its first closed-shop contract with UAW-CIO, covering 123, 000 employees.

First complete bomber, (B-24), built at Willow Run. Production continues through June 28, 1945.

Edsel Ford dies at the age of 49. Henry Ford re-elected President of the company.

Edsel Ford's son, Henry Ford II, named President of the company.

Ernest Breech appointed Chairman.

Ford Motor Company becomes a publicly-held company with public sale of common stock. Listed on NYSE on Mar 7, 1956.

New Ford Motor Company subsidiary, Aeronutronics Systems, established, specializing in defense weapons and aerospace technology.

Ernest Breech resigns as Chairman. Henry Ford II elected Chairman in addition to his Presidency.

Henry Ford II resigns Presidency and becomes CEO, in addition to remaining Chairman. Robert McNamara becomes President. He resigns Jan 1, 1961 to become Secretary of Defense for John F. Kennedy.

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